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5 On the Go Breakfasts for Peri Menopause

  1. Protein Smoothie: Blend together a protein powder, almond milk, spinach, banana, and a spoonful of peanut butter or almond butter for a protein-packed and filling smoothie. You can add in other ingredients of your choice such as berries or chia seeds to increase the nutrition profile.

  2. Boiled Eggs with Whole Grain Toast: Boil some eggs in advance and have them ready to grab on the go. Pair with a slice of whole grain toast and some sliced avocado or cheese for a quick and satisfying breakfast.

  3. Chia Seed Pudding: Make chia seed pudding the night before by mixing chia seeds with almond milk, vanilla extract, and a sweetener of your choice. In the morning, add some fresh fruit and nuts for a nutritious and delicious breakfast.

  4. Greek Yogurt Parfait: Layer Greek yogurt with granola and fresh fruit in a portable container or jar. Add some honey or maple syrup for sweetness if desired.

  5. Breakfast Wrap: Fill a whole wheat wrap with scrambled eggs, diced vegetables, and avocado for a portable and filling breakfast option. You can also add some hot sauce or salsa for an extra kick.

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