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Corporate Wellness

How can I help your company?

Employee wellbeing is at the forefront of what employers can offer their workers, whether it's through exercise or another avenue to generate greater employee wellbeing.  I offer bespoke services which are fun and designed to create a happy and healthy team within your organisation.  

What would benefit your team more?


  • Pilates-focussed exercise, which will improve any postural or alignment issues arising from being seated for long periods

  • Energetic exercise, ranging from HIIT to kettlebells to weights, which will build lean muscle and add strength

  • Soothing exercise, for the mind and the body, in the form of meditations, yoga and gentle Pilates

  • Engaging exercise, such as barre or ballet barre, to improve posture and build stamina, whilst building strength

  • Menopause-focussed exercise for the workforce that may be dealing with this time of life

  • Talks on fitness and general wellbeing, with a focus on how this can also positively impact your personal life

​Sessions can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly, choosing from the above genres of exercise, with tailored sessions to suit your business needs.


Schedule a complimentary fact finding chat to discover how a Corporate Wellness Package, or one off sessions, can benefit your team, improve their morale and productivity, whilst also improving their physical and mental wellbeing on a personal level in their day to day lives.

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