Prenatal Yoga

How Will Pilates Help Me During & After Pregnancy?

You may not be feeling much like exercise during your pregnancy.  Perhaps you're feeling sick, incredibly tired, and have no energy. . . sound familiar?  

Or maybe you're a new mummy and the thought of exercise on top of feedings, nappy changes, sleepless nights and your own postnatal recovery seems far beyond reach. . . does this sound like you?

I know firsthand how exhausting pregnancy and the early days of navigating motherhood can be.  Give me 45 minutes of your time, once a week, and I promise to make a difference to how you're feeling - both physically and mentally.

Pilates aims to correct postural imbalances, which are plentiful during pregnancy and beyond.  Any niggles you may find in your back, during and after pregnancy, will get a perfect stretch utilising some of Joseph Pilates original 34 exercises.  It's also incredibly important to rebuild your core muscles and regain strength in your pelvic floor.  This will be gentle, yet effective, tailoring each exercise to your pregnant or postnatal body.  Each session finishes with a blissful guided relaxation, giving you precious time to spend with your baby.  

Pre & Postnatal Classes

Supporting Every Mother

Yoga Class

Postnatal Online Group Class

Mondays 1-1:30PM

Supporting your postnatal recovery, this class will strengthen your core and pelvic floor in a gentle but effective way during your postnatal months, with gentle variations using some of Joseph Pilates' 34 original exercises.

Prenatal Online Group Class

Wednesdays 7-7:30PM

Spend blissful time with your baby whilst you strengthen your core & pelvic floor with this gentle Pilates class, utilising many of Joseph Pilates' original 34 exercises that are adapted for pregnancy.

Newborn Baby

You have the power to strengthen your body during your pregnancy, which will help to make you stronger and healthier, and assist with labour and postnatal recovery.

This is totally achievable for every single woman, whether you're new to Pilates or exercise, or accustomed to exercise.

Pre & Postnatal Pilates allows you a safe space to exercise within, knowing your safety, and that of your baby or your postnatal body, are constantly monitored.

Rebuild your core, strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, and get stronger and more powerful in the process with me as your guide.

Carrie Messmore

Fitness for future mothers